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So much more to chocolate this Valentine's Day

More to chocolate on Valentine's DayValentine’s – Chocolate is the ultimate gesture of love and temptation. It’s a proven fact that the taste of chocolate produces dopamine, which increases the amount of attraction we feel. So, what better way to get that romantic feeling tingling, than taking part as a couple in our deluxe, chocolate truffle making workshop? Find out how our workshops get sparks flying in our blog.

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Home Schooling with Chocolate

Home schooling with chocolateHome schooling is hard! For both parents and teachers! But I know about a key ingredient, based on years of teaching Chocolate Collective lessons to primary and secondary schools. Keep reading to discover the chocolatey tricks of my trade.

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From bean to bar; how chocolate is made

Chocolate from bean to barIf you’ve ever wondered how the humble cocoa bean is transformed into the decadent chocolate treat we all love, then hop on board as we take you on a truly delicious journey from bean to bar. Taking many days, numerous stages and plentiful skills, there’s every reason to skip the secretive scoff and lovingly indulge, savouring every mouthful. You’ll also understand why quality chocolate is worth every penny!

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