5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Friends and Family From a Distance

It's fair to say that none of us know what Christmas is going to look like this year. While we're all hoping families can be's probably safe to assume we’re not going to have the emergency chairs, family parties and get togethers that we’re used to!!

So, to help you find different ways you can be together this year, and still enjoy the festivities of the season, I've come up with some excellent ways you can celebrate Christmas, with friends and family, from a distance. And guess what...they all include chocolate!

1. Christmas Games Night

What could be more festive than a Christmas Games Night with your nearest and dearest? Admittedly it will have to be online, but we made an art of this in lockdown 1 and can improve on it for lockdown 2. Virtual get togethers are likely to be the only way you can get your entire family in the same place at the same time this year.

Try theming sections of your quiz, like a round on classic Christmas films or name that Christmas number 1. And here’s a link to my Fun Facts About Chocolate blog that could form one of your rounds…you knew I’d manage to squeeze chocolate in somehow! Christmas jumpers optional!

Chocolate Christmas at a distance

2. Online Gifts

Giving somebody a Christmas gift is a fantastic way of showing them that they are in your thoughts this Christmas. The shops may be closed at the moment but with so many businesses adapting to lockdowns and social distancing, there’s a lot of online choice out there.

Remember that it is small, local businesses that have been hit hard over lockdown, so if you can buy online through them, you’re helping to keep someone’s business going during this difficult time.

Gifts are also a great opportunity to get families together. You could organise a virtual present opening video call first thing on Christmas morning. It will create some real excitement for the kids!

What you gift is also important. With news of a possible Covid vaccine giving everyone hope for some normality as early as spring 2021. Why not buy a gift experience that means your family can be together once again, doing something fun! My Chocolate Collective Gift Vouchers are a great choice, as you can treat friends, family and loved ones to the ultimate chocolate experience in either Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds.

Or you could even book a bespoke workshop for the whole family to take place as soon as lockdown is over. My Gift Vouchers are currently valid with no time limits to give you ultimate piece of mind.

Chocolate Christmas at a distance

3. Christmas Baking Session

Baking is a great activity that everyone can take part in, no matter what their age. And what could be more fun than embarking on a Christmas baking session with your family, at the same as your extended family is tackling the same recipe. You can make this experience a giggle by being virtually connected throughout your baking.

I LOVE this collection of Christmas Chocolate Recipes from BBC Good Food as inspiration for your bakes.

And if you happen to make a few too many chocolatey treats, do a Santa and drop a little festive delivery on your neighbour’s doorstep.

Chocolate Christmas at a distance

4. Festive Light Trail

Going for a walk with one other person is allowed, so make the most of this by meeting up with your bestie and walking a tour of your local neighbourhood Christmas decorations.

It’s understandable that people are going all out for Christmas this year, making their houses look as cheerful and sparkly as possible to spread the Christmas cheer we all need. Make the most of this, and re-connect with someone you love, in the most Christmassy way possible.

I also recommend bringing along some of your chocolate bakes from tip 3…much needed festive fuel for the journey!

Chocolate Christmas at a distance

5. Think of Others

It’s inevitable that there will be some sadness and disappointment as we enter the festive period, and we can’t take part in the celebrations that usually fill us with so much joy. One of the best ways to combat these negative feelings is to think of others.

Whether that’s involving a friend or family member who is on their own this year, in your virtual Christmas celebrations, or thinking of other families who you might not know, who are struggling. As a family, you could collect some delicious Christmas food and chocolate treats to gift to your local food bank, or you could spend some time creating Christmas cards to send to a local care home. The act of helping someone who needs it couldn’t be more Christmassy and is the ideal way for us all to feel connected this festive season.

I hope these festive tips help in bringing you closer to your friends and family this Christmas. It’s more important than ever that we keep connected and show each how much we care in these difficult times. Stay safe everyone!