Five Ways to Make Your Team Feel Motivated Post Pandemic

Trying to engage employees in a way that feels genuine and motivates them to perform better has always been tough. But throw in a pandemic and things just got way more complicated.

For most, the past year has been about adapting, adjusting and making do, as we muddled through the effects of a pandemic on working life. However, now that we have some light at the end of the tunnel, this is the time to put employee engagement back on the agenda. Acknowledging the difficult time your staff have had over the last year, celebrating them for sticking with you, and putting a fresh, positive face forward for the future.

The problem is life has got trickier over the last year, with a global recession on the card’s, businesses are having to do more with less, and teams are still working flexibly with a mix of virtual and office-based work.

However, this shouldn’t stop you…it just means you need to be a little more creative! So, whether you have a team of 4 or 400, my simple and effective tips will help you make your team feel like a team once more.

1. Encourage teamwork and collaboration!

Want to get the creative juices flowing again between employees who have spent more than a year working away from each other? Engage them in a team building activity.

Encouraging teamwork

My Chocolate Collective Corporate Workshops are a sweet way to do it. Under our expert guidance, your team, working in pairs, will learn how to mix, pipe, cut, shape, coat and craft their own hand-made truffles, which they’ll beautifully package up and take away from the workshop.

Not only is it a fun and delicious activity, but it will also give your team a much-needed confidence boost and get them working together again to achieve a mutual goal.

2. Recognition

People do extraordinary work and demonstrate astonishing kindness in crises. While budgets may be constrained as businesses navigate the losses caused by the pandemic, it doesn’t cost a thing to say thank you!

Make sure to encourage people to recognize each other in whatever ways are available.

If you know that an employee has gone the extra mile to help colleagues, customers or even their community during this crisis then thank them - companywide. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.

Things like singling out an employee at every team meeting or creating an employee of the month company email are tried, tested and work!

3. Be Flexible

While for some employees they’ve embraced the relaxation of social restrictions with open arms and have thrown themselves back into the way we lived before. For others, the transition is proving more difficult.

Flexible chocolate making workshops

As an employer, one of the best ways you can support your employees through this next stage of the pandemic is to be empathetic and understanding. If you want to organise a team event, allow your employees to choose whether they take part in person or virtually. A great compromise is my Chocolate Truffle Making Kits – they give you all the tasty tools your business needs to motivate, reward and engage staff in an activity that can take place in employees own homes, at your office, or in any space that works for you. Or a combination of all three if you so choose!

4. Engaging the Family

One of the unexpected benefits of working from home during the pandemic has been the extra time that we have been able to spend with those that we live with. It has been enriching for individuals and families all across the country. Many employees won’t want to give up this better work/life balance, just because we are coming out of the other side of the pandemic.

Engaging the family with chocolate

So consider an employee event that the whole family can come along to. After all, the whole family will have had to make sacrifices and adjustments to ensure mum and dad have been able to work from home all of this time.

A summer BBQ with dedicated activities for the kids, vouchers for a Friday night take-away night or even a hamper filled with lots of delicious goodies are great options for making sure the whole family think you’re the best organisation in the world.

5. Time to Give Back

Another life lesson we’ve all learnt from the pandemic is how vital even small gestures can be to someone who is struggling. Show your employees how you’ve grown and evolved as a business, by gifting them some time to give back to their local communities.

Added benefits could be a boost to employee morale, improved workplace atmosphere and better brand perception of your business. While your employees will develop key soft skills in areas such as coaching, leadership and organisational abilities, as well as feeling like they are doing some good in their communities.

I hope that these simple and straightforward tips help to cut through some of the confusion and anxiety we’re all feeling as life slowly returns back to normal. And remember, Chocolate Collective is always here to lend a helping hand when it comes to rewarding and recognising your employees in the sweetest way possible. Head over to our Corporate pages to find out more, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn for even more chocolatey tools and tips.