A Guilt-Free, Chocolatey Easter

Luxury Chocolate Easter EggsThe first chocolate egg didn't appear until the 1800's, when Western culture embraced it, irrespective of religion. Now, chocolate Easter eggs are enjoyed by millions, if not billions around the world, as we venture out on Easter egg hunts or in search of the Easter bunny!

Gorging on masses of delicious chocolatey-ness is just par for the course...cue the feelings of 'Easter Guilt!' But, feel guilty no more, as we reveal some amazing news...chocolate is actually good for you!

Research has shown that eating cocoa in moderation, could lower cholesterol, improve brain function by preventing memory loss and help to lower the risk of developing heart disease. But it's about eating the right chocolate...not all chocolate is equal. The problem seems to be when extra ingredients are added to cocoa to sweeten the taste such as sugar and fat.

Chocolate workshops at Easter

At Chocolate Collective, we use only the finest quality, Belgian chocolate, so you can savour the yummy taste without all that Easter spoiling guilt. In fact, our deluxe truffle making workshops, could be the ideal Easter activity. All the chocolate, none of the guilt, plus the chance to get creative and still have oodles of fun.

Children's chocolate parties at Easter

We also run Chocolate parties for children, a great opportunity to forgo the mountain of processed Easter eggs and get your mini-chocolatiers to learn about what they're eating, whilst getting creative and a little messy. And, because our chocolate treats are made from raw chocolate they can all be frozen, reducing the likelihood of an unsupervised nibble, when Mum and Dad aren't looking!

However, if an Easter egg is a must-have for you, then we love this list of grown up and decadent Easter eggs from The Independent - instead of sneaking broken bits off your child's Easter egg, why not spoil yourself!

By making the right choices and enjoying in moderation, we hope you and your family have a guilt-free, choctastic, Easter eggs-travaganza!