Chocolate in Schools, it's on the curriculum!

Chocolate making lessons in schoolsYes! Chocolate is being studied in many schools as it covers different subject matters including history, geography and science. It can be incorporated into business studies and product design too. I've been invited into schools into Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire to be involved in their chocolate making experience following their recent studies of the subject.

At a Year 8 class I was very interested to discover just how much they had learnt about the history of chocolate, the origins of chocolate, production processes (bean to bar) and to see course work incorporating their own chocolate designs, including branding and marketing / sales strategy.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lessons

One of the schools asked me to deliver chocolate making with their Year 6 girls. After studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory they were ready to get stuck into becoming Willy Wonker himself!  They really enjoyed making their own individual chocolates and chocolate lollipops.

With another school I was involved in a chocolate presentation that covered a short quiz, a demonstration of tempering and the 5 senses and chocolate. This was to Year 7 pupils. All children enjoyed every aspect as it was both interactive and, of course, they got to eat some chocolate too!

And finally, Year 9 and Year 10 can't be left out as they couldn't believe their eyes when "chocolate making" was on the agenda during the last week of term for their Enrichment Week activities.