Chocolate making workshops in Leeds

Learn all about Chocolate Making in our Leeds Chocolate Workshops

Even more things to learn during our Chocolate Making Workshops in the heart of Leeds City Centre:

  1. Chocolate melting in the mouth can give a more intense and longer lasting buzz than kissing!
  2. Chocolate was included in WW11 solider rations.
  3. Columbus's son Ferdinand was reported as saying that when he witnessed the Mayan's dropping cacao beans "they bent to pick them up with the speed as though they had lost an eye".
  4. Cacao has been around for millions of years and is probably one of the oldest of natures foods.
  5. Cadbury's made the first chocolate bar in the UK but it was Frys who really took it to market.

Chocolate Making Workshops in Leeds are best!

Chocolate Collective's Chocolate Making Workshops in Leeds include Express Chocolate Making Workshops designed for Hen Partiess on Saturday mornings and Deluxe Chocolate Making Workshops in the afternoons that cater for chocolate lovers of every kind, be it individuals, couples or groups.