5 reasons why a Chocolate Collective workshop is the ideal gift this Christmas

It’s that (most wonderful) time of year again, the fairy lights are twinkling, the fire is crackling and the Christmas gift list is erm… looming! Fear not, we’ve got 5 deliciously good reasons why gifting a Chocolate Collective workshop will have your feet up and sipping mulled wine before you can say “Jingle Bells!”

1. It’s different and unique

If you’ve got the unenviable job of buying for someone who has everything or if your loved one is the ultimate picky shopper, then stress no more. The secret to getting the perfect present for those who have it all is to consider things they wouldn’t purchase on their own. Think beyond items and give an experience instead. A Chocolate Collective workshop will offer you the sweet satisfaction of giving the perfect gift that will delight even the-toughest-to-buy-for on your list. It’s the best edible Christmas gift in town.

Chocolate workshops for Christmas

2. It’s Unisex

It’s not often a present can have universal appeal, but thankfully due to the magic of chocolate, you can be reassured a Chocolate Collective workshop is EXACTLY one of those gifts. Who doesn’t like chocolate after all? Exactly. Someone very wise once said that 9 out of 10 people like chocolate and the tenth person always lies. With those odds, a Deluxe Chocolate Truffle Making workshop is a gift that can be enjoyed by anyone.

3. Shhhhhh…It’s easy

Don’t spend your time trawling the high street wondering if you bought Auntie Sue that same perfume last year, if an Amazon Echo is too technically advanced for Uncle Bert, or if your sister’s kids have ‘that’ lego set. Is there anything more exciting than making your own chocolate and learning the history from bean to bar? Add an extra touch by printing off the voucher and wrapping it with a nice big bow.

Chocolate workshops for Christmas

4. It’s thoughtful

What could be better than whisking friends or family into a world of chocolate-y togetherness? Time together, making memories and of course the opportunity to take your chocolate creation home to devour, can only be described as the most heavenly choc-tastic gift. It’s the sweetest way to show anyone you love them!

5. It gives them a start on their New Year resolutions

We don’t like to boast, but sometimes trying something new can reinvigorate the soul. Start the New Year with new experiences, new hobbies and skills. Budding Willy Wonkas or shy artisans will be given our trade secrets and the skills to release their inner chocolatier. Our immersive tasting and chocolate making experience make the ideal alternative gift for those who are looking to do something new. Chocolate is a timeless classic and makes people smile. We think that’s the perfect way to start any New Year.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping and I hope to see some very excited voucher receivers in the New Year!

And, from everyone at Chocolate Collective, we would like to wish you all a very warm and merry Christmas. Whatever your plans are for the festivities, let the magic of Christmas bring love peace and chocolate-y happiness to you and all those you love.

Chocolate workshops for Christmas

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