Choctastic Easter Activities for Kids

Easter can be a magical time for kids, especially because of the abundant amount of chocolate available around this time of year! However, trying to come up with entertaining indoor activities during this period of social distancing and social gathering restrictions is unchartered territory for parents. Mums and Dads could also be heading into an extended Easter break from school, which makes thinking of fun activities you can all do together, inside and away from others, even more vital.

To help, I’ve delved into my bag of tricks to come up with some captivating and affordable suggestions for chocolate themed activities that the kids will love; they’re also pretty fun for adults too 😊

1. Make Your Own Easter Eggs

Easter chocolate making for kids

For those of us who have children who have grown out of traditional Easter Egg hunts but still love the chocolatey magic of Easter, why not inspire them to make their own Easter Eggs? It might be easier than you think! I love this step-by-step guide from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen that features re-usable Easter Egg moulds from Lakeland (available for home delivery). This is a fantastic activity that takes your kids away from their screens and encourages them to do something creative. The eggs also make an eggs-cellent gift, perfect for cheering up anxious friends and family with something thoughtful and heartfelt.

2. Easter Egg Hunt

Chocolate Easter egg hunt

For those still young enough to enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt, why not go all out this year and create a map of your back garden (or house if it rains!) for the little ones to follow. To make the hunt more stimulating and educational, the clues could incorporate basic maths skills, colours or identifying shapes. The chocolatey treat at the end of each clue is all the motivation your children will need to tackle these educational challenges. Check out these amazing examples and ideas from House Beautiful.

3. Chocolate Filled Piñata

Chocolate Filled Piñata

This is two great activities for the price of one! You and your little one can settle down for an afternoon of arts and crafts together, doing something productive and spending quality time together. There’s a great ‘How to Make an Easter Egg Pinata’ DIY tutorial from Fabulously Frugal - perfect for your pre-schooler, school child, tween or teen. And, once you’ve created your masterpiece, you and your child can give it a good bashing, and enjoy the chocolate treats it has been stuffed with!

4. Making Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

Making chocolate cornflakes

This is an absolutely classic Easter activity for a very good reason. The recipe is so simple and it’s suitable for kids of all ages (and for those adults who don’t possess huge amounts of culinary skill!) But don’t forget all the trimmings – from fluffy homemade chicks to smartie toppers – it’s one of my favourite childhood memories. Once prepared, you can encourage your child to gift this yummy Easter treat to friends, family or even the neighbours.

I hope I have inspired you with some great activities that you and your children can get involved in together this Easter. So, whatever the weather, and however this uneasy time unfolds you can enjoy spending some quality time together surrounded by the things we love the most…chocolate!