An Unforgettable Christmas Gift Experience from Chocolate Collective

Can you believe there are just six shopping weeks left before Christmas? Eeek! It got us thinking about gifts, the type of gifts we give and receive, and what it is that makes a gift truly thoughtful, original and special.

Call me biased, but some of the best gifts I’ve ever received have been experiences rather than possessions. They are such a personal thing to give, as you are putting yourself in place of the person you’re buying for and imagining what would make them happy. I love waiting for an experience gift, it gives an added sense of excitement and anticipation which helps to combat those horrible January blues. I also love that you get to experience your gift in a group, not just by yourself, made even more special if the person who bought you the experience is taking part with you. And the thing I really love about experience gifts, that the memories created on the experience stay with you forever.

Make your own chocolate Christmas gifts

I can always tell which people have received a Chocolate Collective workshop after being given it as a gift; they seem so excited, everything is a wonderful surprise and they throw themselves into each task with such enthusiasm. Which is why, this Christmas, we’ve made gifting a Chocolate Collective Workshop easier than ever.

It’s very simple really. We provide Voucher Codes for your recipient to book on to one of our Deluxe Chocolate Truffle-Making Workshops in Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds.

Voucher Codes cost £40 per person and are valid for six months from purchase.

And it’s easy to buy, just log on to our website, select Chocolate Workshop Gift Vouchers and use the PayPal button to purchase the number of Gift Voucher codes that you require. Once your payment is confirmed you will receive an email detailing the unique code that can be given to the recipient of your generous gift. They can simply book at their leisure and look forward to the irresistible day to come.

I know that a huge part of the gifting experience is watching the person unwrap it and be amazed! And that giving someone a gift card or voucher code can sometimes take the fun out of this unwrapping experience.
So, to make your gift look as special as the experience the recipient will receive, we’ve put together some presentation ideas that will show just how much thought and effort you have put into the gift you’ve bought. And make unwrapping it nearly as much fun as the experience itself!

Make your own chocolate Christmas gifts

Design your own voucher – easy with software such as Canva! If you’ve never tried it, be warned! It’s immensely addictive!! Make it as personal and thoughtful as you like. You could even attach it to a bag of chocolates as a gift tag.

Give them a clue – wrap up a wooden spoon and a chocolate bar and see if the lucky recipient can guess what you’ve bought them.

Balloon – insert a handwritten IOU for a Chocolate Collective Workshop Gift Voucher inside a balloon. Blow it up. And ask the person to pop the balloon to receive their gift.

Give them a Golden Ticket – insert a homemade Golden Ticket into the foil wrapper of a chocolate bar of your choice. Just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

We’d love to hear about your own ideas! Tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram showing your gift-giving creativity!

Follow this link for more information about our Chocolate Collective Workshops, where you'll also find the dates of our upcoming chocolate workshops in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, as well as instructions on how to purchase a Gift Voucher.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping and I hope to see some very excited voucher receivers in the New Year!