Interactive Children's Chocolate Parties!

Mum and Dad…sit back, relax, and let Chocolate Collective create the most delicious and choc-tastic birthday party your little one has ever had! We know that planning children’s birthday parties can be tricky, so we’ve created a fuss-free and flexible party that kids love.

Interactive Children's Chocolate Parties

The Chocolate Collective children’s parties are creative, interactive and most of all, fun! Children get the chance to get creative, learn something new, have fun and eat a LOT of chocolate. Loved by both boys and girls, our parties are perfect for children 5+. We’re a mobile service, with all of our own equipment and are happy to come to a venue of your choice, whether that’s your home, a village hall or local scout hut!

We have two different party options to choose from, all of which are managed by a skilled chocolatier and children’s party expert – so you have the option to get stuck in with the kids or take a load off and enjoy watching with a lovely, hot cup of tea. Use this link to see more Children's Chocolate Party Options.

Whether creating giant chocolate buttons, chocolate lollipops or piping into moulds, the techniques are simple and easy to learn, and little ones will leave with a real sense of achievement that they have created something so yummy that they get to take home with them. And, added bonus, the children will leave with so many chocolate treats there really is no need for a party bag!

For older children, looking for something a bit more grown up, we can do a mini version of our adult Deluxe Chocolate Truffle making workshop. Perfect for junior chocolatiers in the making, our skilled chocolatier expertly guides the children to mix, pipe, roll and decorate delicious Belgian chocolate truffles.

Interactive Children's Chocolate Parties

We can also provide a chocolate fountain that could be running all the way through your party. With fruit, marshmallows, and breadsticks for kids (and parents) to dip into molten, delicious, Belgian chocolate there's usually a stampede to get to the front of the queue.

And, as we bring disposable aprons, table covers, all equipment and plenty of wipes, once we leave it's like we've never been there! In fact, the only thing we need to know from you is if any of the children attending have any dietary requirements – we can cater for most apart from nuts!

Extending the theme!

After hosting too many children's chocolate birthday parties to count, we've seen some fabulous ways to extend the chocolate theme. Here's a few ideas that could make your little one's day extra special;

  • How about a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme with Willy Wonka decoration? You could ask your guests to dress up as their favourite character. You could even create golden tickets that your child can hand out as invitations to their guests? It'll be like they've won the chocolate lottery!
  • Or how about a mini MasterChef competition complete with homemade chef hats to really inspire and excite your guests?
  • Depending how long your party is, you could do some chocolate related games like asking children to guess how many chocolate buttons are in a glass jar. The child who gets the closest gets to take the jar home with them!
  • Or how about a chocolate coin treasure hunt with an illustrated's a great way for children to burn the calories they'll be consuming. This is also an ideal way to alternate activities which can help for homes or smaller venues.

I hope this has given you plenty of food for thought! Any questions, use the Contact Us page to get in touch and use this link if you'd like to book a Chocolate Collective children's birthday party!

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