Lockdown Activities for Chocolate Addicts

We’re all having very different lockdown experiences but it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine every day… So, to help get your taste buds tingling and your creative juices flowing again, I’ve come up with some fun and simple activities. Whether you’re looking for something to do as a group of students isolating together, with residents in a care home, as a couple, or as a way to get the girls together, I’ve got some delicious ideas that all centre around that deliciously, decadent, gooey stuff…chocolate.

1. Alone Time

If you are trying to juggle work, home schooling and keeping on top of the house, alone time may feel like the ultimate luxury. A great way to de-stress during precious time alone is to take up a new hobby – something that is challenging but rewarding, takes your mind off any worries for a while and leaves you feeling creatively satisfied on completion. Why not try the art of tempering chocolate? It’s a skill that requires concentration, precision and patience. There are lots of tutorials available online, I like this one from Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy, it’s a wonderfully, peaceful and indulgent way to spend some time doing something creative.

Alone time with chocolate

2. House Share

Living in a student house share, often far away from your family, can be difficult at the best of times, never mind during lockdown! But getting your entire household involved in a fun activity can be a great way to ease any homesickness pangs and alleviate boredom. Setting up a production line to make solid chocolate lollipops that you can gift to neighbours, or enjoy later watching the latest box set, is a great way to do something productive and fun. Involve everyone by playing to people’s strengths; have one person melting chocolate, one preparing the moulds, someone else filling the moulds, someone chilling the lollies and another person decorating. Here’s a cute recipe from Spruce Eats. There are lots of different moulds available to buy online and luckily there are no chocolate shortages in the supermarket.

House share with chocolate

3. Care Home

Most care homes have been in lockdown even longer than the rest of us, and with care workers unable to offer many of their usual activities to residents I thought this suggestion might go down a treat…chocolate dipped, decorated biscuits! For an extra challenge care homes could take on the challenge of baking the biscuit too, I love this simple shortbread recipe from BBC Good Food. Once made, carers can set up a table for residents to dip the biscuits in melted chocolate and decorate with sprinkles and sweets. What’s so great about this activity is that it’s suitable for residents of all abilities and mobility to get involved, giving them a satisfying treat with their afternoon cup of tea.

Care home with chocolate

4. Girlie Catch Up

Taking on a crafty challenge would make a nice change from the ubiquitous lockdown pub quiz that seems to be dominating lockdown socialising. It will bring new life to your virtual weekly catch up with your besties, taking your mind off current troubles and (hopefully) generating a giggle or too along the way. I love this step by step guide to making chocolate butterflies, it’s both challenging and fun, and will inspire a bit of healthy competition between friends. Plus, you get to eat something delicious at the end of the call!

Girlie catchup with chocolate

5. Couples

If you’re looking for ideas to bring some romance back to your household, this idea for decorated chocolate dipped strawberries is a fantastic way to get romantic, creative and spend some quality time together. So, put down the hoover, mute that phone call from work and take advantage of being in isolation with the person you love…chocolate is an aphrodisiac after all.

Couples with chocolate

I hope these fun ideas are a chance for everyone to find a couple of hours of peace and escapism during these difficult times. It’s so important, for our own mental health, and those around us, that we continue to find joy where we can. For me, I can always find joy through chocolate!