5 Top Trends to Make Every Business Event a Sweet Success

Isn’t getting together again just so sweet?

Putting together a team social event, whether face to face or virtually that allows people to reconnect and boost well-being is top of everyone’s to-do list! The easing of restrictions means that for many businesses there’s a huge appetite to get teams together again now that they can - but how?

From team building events, client entertaining or even planning that all important Christmas do, below are our top trends and observations for the perfect way to mix business and pleasure as we emerge into the new normal!

Make Every Business Event a Sweet Success

1. Talking About Event Safety Is Essential as Teams Slowly Start Getting Back Together.

It’s not a surprising development. For some people, the idea of returning to events (in-person) could feel a little scary. At the Chocolate Collective we’ve seen that clear, upfront communication about safety precautions helps everyone to feel at ease. Attendees are keen to know that all safety steps have been taken and this is helpful to stopping any pre-event nerves. Having fun with signage and branded sanitation products at the event itself, can also emphasise that those extra safety measures are in place, while giving your event personality.

Like all businesses post pandemic, safety is top of our ingredients list! This means that our attendees can feel confident knowing that every precaution has been taken so they can get down to the business of team building and having lots of chocolatey fun.

2. Hybrid Events Are Becoming the New Norm and it’s Not Hard to See Why!

With varying comfort levels between attendees for indoor gatherings, the idea of getting everyone together can seem quite daunting especially if some colleagues are still working from home whilst some have already returned to the office. Hybrid events are a new emerging way to engage bigger teams without the hassle of location constraints. They allow everyone the opportunity to attend in whichever way best fits their needs.
At the Chocolate Collective we are now blending our in-person workshops (at one of our local venues) alongside our DIY truffle kits being sent to attendees who want to join in virtually. It’s the perfect mix! Plus, no-one gets to miss out on the team banter!

3. Regional Get-Togethers Are on the Rise

Reconnecting locally is the perfect starting point for in-person gatherings. For many businesses getting smaller groups together in local or regional locations feels a little safer and a bit easier to handle than one big corporate event. It helps minimise risk, requires less travel and puts attendees’ minds at rest if they are feeling a little uncertain.

With our workshop locations in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds we’ve created bespoke events to bring regional teams and local offices together easily. We keep teams in smaller workshop groups in our venues and plan smaller size events overall.

4. Experiential Events Allow You to Connect Positively and With a Purpose

If you’re connecting with your staff via Zoom or Teams, getting everyone’s attention virtually can sometimes be a challenge especially with the constant pings of emails and the lure of internet surfing.
Including exciting and engaging team experiences as part of your virtual event can help break the ice and keep people focussed and engaged.

We’ve noticed our easy step-by-step truffle making kits have been popular as an activity for teams to enjoy and experience together. Spending time mixing and crafting truffles with the most divine chocolate is certainly something that keeps everyone absorbed in the task at hand!

Having a practical work-to-the-end project that offers a fun experience really makes a difference in how people value (and remember) their time together.

5. Getting Together is Becoming More of a Premium Experience

One trend emerging post pandemic is that events need to be more curated and immersive to make attendance worthwhile. Attendees want a quality experience from the events and social get-togethers they choose to go to. With corporate budgets feeling the pinch after the pandemic, businesses are looking for activities that are proven to deliver perfect mix of premium quality, expertise and fun.

Chocolate is universally adored and can bring together the most diverse of teams ranging from those with a slight sweet tooth to full on chocoholics! Working with our expert chocolatiers and leaving with divine handmade truffles adds the WOW factor to any get-together and makes every gathering a valuable event.

Make Every Business Event a Sweet Success

We know that getting together is important. Enhancing office friendships, building strong team morale and cultivating happy employees makes for better business. Team building is a great way to deepen relationships and improve communication at all levels. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for the team, want to arrange a memorable Christmas gathering, or want to try something engaging and interactive to bring people together, give us a call. We’ve got lots of chocolatey solutions for the perfect get-togethers.