More to Chocolate this Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s the Milk Tray man charming a generation of women or Cadbury’s urging us to ‘Say it with chocolate’, Valentine’s Day and chocolate go hand in hand as the ultimate gesture of love…and temptation!

You can trace this back to the Victorian era when chocolates were part of courtship. Victorian etiquette books warned that single ladies should never accept chocolates ‘from gentlemen to whom they are neither related nor engaged’. Well, we may have moved on somewhat since the 1900s, but is chocolate still the fast track to falling in love?

More to chocolate on Valentine's Day

New research suggests that there could be something in it after all. American academics at Purdue University found that tasting something sweet can increase the level of attraction you feel for a prospective partner by triggering the production of the pleasure chemical dopamine.

But, I think it can be more than just the taste of chocolate! Our Deluxe Chocolate Truffle Making Workshops are often attended by couples, and the ‘experience’ of making chocolate can be equally seductive! During the different stages it often ‘takes-two’ to produce the perfect truffle so it can be a great way to share a moment, as well as indulging in the chocolate itself!

Don’t get me wrong, as a chocolatier, and a romantic at heart, I still love receiving quality chocolates on Valentine’s, but I also love quality time! If like me you’re looking for something a little bit special – a chance to really experience what chocolate can do for your love life! – then join us for one of our workshops in Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds…we do gift vouchers too.

I promise you 2 hours of decadent fun and lots of beautifully packaged hand-made truffles to take away with you; ready to give you a hit of dopamine whenever you next need it!

After all, they say couples who play together stay together…