Chocolate Collective’s Guide to a Chic and Stylish Hen Do

The first hen party, which dates back to 5th Century Ancient Greece, was known as the Proaulia, where the bride would spend the last days before her wedding with her mother, female relatives and friends preparing for marriage. The festivities included a feast and offerings of childhood toys, clothing and locks of hair from the bride-to-be to the gods. These dedications signified the bride’s movement from childhood into adulthood. Thankfully, the modern-day hen party has moved on a bit!

Now big business, the average spend on a hen party, according to Stylish Magazine, is £507 per person. What started off as a night with friends at home with a few bottles of Asti Spumante in the 80’s became a night on the town in the 90’s and a weekend away in the noughties. Over the years, as women have had more money through careers and marrying later, so hen parties have become increasingly elaborate.

And it is this reason that brides are moving away from bright pink sashes, tacky L-plates and countless shots for something more tasteful, stylish and inclusive. However, a chic hen party doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Over the years, Chocolate Collective has catered for more than a few hen do’s and we’ve picked up some stylish tips on how to elevate a party to that next, Insta-worthy, level without breaking the bank.

Getting Ready

One aspect of a stylish bridal shower is looking the part, so why not make getting ready part of the party itself? Going for a blow-dry, or having your make-up done is a wonderful way to break the ice between hens who don’t know each other very well. And what could be more relaxing than sipping champagne and being pampered right from the get-go.

Getting ready for a hen party chocolate workshop?

Home or Abroad?

There’s no right answer to this as there are chic options both at home and abroad. However, if it’s good enough for Meghan Markle then I think any bride-to-be would also be over the moon to escape to a gorgeous, country retreat for the weekend (Meghan went to a luxury Cotswold’s spa hotel with her besties). Whatever the season, the surroundings will be beautiful and there will be plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by all. A far cry from traipsing around the clubs in Magaluf!

A hen party home or abroad?

Be Mindful

It’s a buzz word, but, as we spend more time at work or dealing with the stresses of family life, being mindful is a wonderful way to relax and unwind when we have some free time. Hen dos don’t have to be wild nights out or adrenalin fuelled activities, what could be more trendy than a group yoga class or craft activity (or chocolate workshop for that matter 😉)? And this is something everyone can join in with, pregnant guests, non-drinkers, older/less active hens. Your Bride to Be will be over the moon you’ve been so thoughtful to everyone’s needs and the guests will be thrilled they’ve learnt a new skill.

Being mindful


This is a sure-fire way to make any event or location feel luxurious and special…no mixing with the riff-raff! Whether it is a private dining room at your Bride’s favourite restaurant, a private museum tour, a private wine tasting or even a private chocolate truffle making workshop, the fact that this is an exclusive, shared event between the hen party will make the celebration even more special.

Hen party privacy

Finishing touches

To really elevate your hen party to the next level, the devil is definitely in the detail. Stylish invites will build anticipation and set the tone of your bridal shower. There are so many free, online design tools now that can make an amateur attempt look incredibly professional. Stylish décor is a must for any chic hen party, think twinkling fairy lights, beautiful dried flowers and a stylish and contemporary colour palette. Even bridal sashes have had a stylish makeover these days and there are plenty of classy and understated options available online. And the perfect finishing touch! A goody bag filled with fun and useful treats such as a water bottle so hens can stay hydrated throughout the day, some sweets for a sugary pick me up, and some flip-flops for the tired walk back to the taxi at the end of the night.

Hen party finishing touches

Chocolate Collective have been running luxury chocolate truffle making workshops for happy hen’s and Bride’s to be for a few years now. Our workshops are unique and inclusive and are the ideal way to get everyone involved and interacting, whilst learning the art of luxury Belgian chocolate truffle making.

Each workshop lasts 1.5 hours and are ideal for combining with other activities such as blow-dry bars, yoga classes or lunch! If you’ve got a venue in mind, whether that’s a restaurant, a hotel or a cottage then we can bring our workshop to you. Alternatively, we run our Celebration chocolate truffle making workshops from Novotel hotels in Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds. Either option guarantees a private, exclusive and memorable hen party activity.

Our workshops are a mixture of demonstration and working in pairs, they are created with novices in mind and are a fun and interesting activity whatever your age, gender or interests. We can tailor each workshop to the bride to be, incorporating your games, activities and decorations with pleasure. Plus, your delicious creations are the perfect addition to any discerning goody bag!

If this sounds like the perfect activity for the stylish and fun hen do you’re looking to create then please get in touch with us to find out more.