Our Round Up of the Best Chocolate Easter Eggs

Every year the choice of Easter Eggs gets weirder and more wonderful than the year before. This year, I’m rounding up the delicious, the decadent and the downright crazy, all in one place, so you can find the perfect, chocolatey, Easter treat for you or your loved ones.

Do you know why we gift chocolate shaped eggs at Easter? According to the BBC, “eating eggs was not allowed by church leaders during the week leading up to Easter (known as Holy Week). So, any eggs laid that week were saved and decorated to make them Holy Week eggs, that were then given to children as gifts. Victorians adapted the tradition with satin-covered cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts.” Whatever the reason, the world has embraced chocolate Easter Eggs, meaning creators need to be daring and different to get their eggs noticed.

Weirdest egg…Marmite Easter Egg

Easter Marmite Egg!

Love it or hate it…the Marmite Easter Egg is back on supermarket shelves. The creators describe this egg as a ‘Yeaster egg’ and ‘full of flavour’, while it sounds very strange to me, there is a real trend towards salty and sweet food being eaten simultaneously. Just make sure you gift this to a Marmite fan!

Most rewarding egg…Cadbury’s White Crème Egg Hunt

Easter White Cream Egg

Almost 800 white chocolate treats have been hidden in regular Creme Egg wrappers, all you need to do is find one to win a whopping £10,000. The promotion will run until 23.59 on Easter Sunday. Just think how much chocolate you could buy with £10,000??!!

Most decadent egg…Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg

Easter Ostrich Egg

This egg has over a kilo of chocolate. Yes, you read that right! It’s called the Ostrich Egg as ostriches lay the largest eggs of any living bird. It’s made with half 40% milk chocolate packed with crunchy cookies and puffed rice, and half 50% milk chocolate with crispy feuilletine. Served with a tray of 27 chocolates – pralines, truffles, caramels, patisserie and more – plus six golden eggs hidden inside the box for you to hunt. The recipient will need to have a very sweet tooth and the giver very deep pockets, as this egg costs a whopping £80!

Best Vegan Egg…Montezuma’s Like No Udder

Easter Like No Udder Egg

With Veganism becoming more and more popular, luxury chocolate brand Montezuma have brought out an Easter Egg version of their ‘Like No Udder’ chocolate. It is as high in cocoa as their regular milk chocolate but made without animal milk. We also cater for Vegans, as well as gluten free and lactose intolerant diets at our chocolate workshops…we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on delicious Chocolate Collective fun!

Most Ridiculously Expensive Egg… Betty’s Centenary Imperial Egg

Easter Most Expensive Egg

The egg costs a truly, eye watering, £495. Gulp! It is hand-moulded from pink coloured white chocolate and decorated with traditional handmade sugar wild roses, golden leaves and delicate piped chocolate and royal icing designs. Nestled inside is a golden milk chocolate egg, also decorated with handmade roses.

Containing over five kilos of Grand Cru Swiss chocolate, the Centenary Imperial Egg is a true work of art! Unsurprisingly, you can’t just walk into Betty’s and buy one, they are made to order and have to be picked up from Betty’s in Yorkshire.

If anyone actually buys one of these eggs, then please share with me on social media. I’d love to see it!

Most Unique egg…Chocolate Collective Workshop

Easter Chocolate Collective Workshop Egg

Ideal for individuals, couples or small groups, our Deluxe Chocolate Truffle-Making Workshops are a thoroughly original and decidedly different Easter gift. Designed to be fun and interactive, teach you new skills and leave you with a selection of beautiful chocolate truffles to take home, You could purchase a gift voucher for someone special, organise a kid’s party for mini Easter chocolatiers or, we could even run a bespoke workshop, suitable for all the family with a mixture of Easter-themed activities for kids and adults. Not only will you leave us with some delicious chocolate treats you’ll also have spent some quality time together, an added Easter bonus!

Whatever your plans this Easter, I hope it’s an Easter Egg-travaganza, after all, is there such a thing as too much chocolate?