Our top 5 romantic chocolate gestures for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Collective is truly feeling the love this February. With Valentine’s Day coming up, and not to mention the fact we’re turning six this month(!), it’s got us feeling all mushy inside and wondering what is the best way to express those feelings of love?

Silly question! Through chocolate of course. I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy chocolate, it’s an aphrodisiac and, from the moment you indulge, it’s like a lovely warm hug enveloping you from the inside.

So, here are a few, chocolatey, romantic gestures that will be sure to let that special person in your life know just how much you care for them.

A Chocolate Collective Workshop

Let’s start with the ultimate romantic gesture! Not only do you get to learn how to make delicious Belgian chocolate truffles (while consuming a ridiculously large amount of chocolate at the same time), you also get to spend quality time, with the person you love, learning something new together and having fun.

Alternatively, you could present your loved one with a gift voucher for a Chocolate Collective Workshop, this way they can simply book at their leisure and look forward to the irresistible day to come.
I can’t think of anything that says ‘I love you’ more.

Chocolate Collective workshop for Valentine's

Bake a batch of brownies

Try saying that fast! These squidgy, chocolatey treats are surprisingly simple to make but utterly delicious. And your loved one will be equally impressed with both the effort you put into making them as well as the taste. Here’s a recipe we love!

Valentine's chocolate brownie

Hot choc before bed

Surprise your other half with a delicious, steaming mug of hot chocolate before they’re getting into bed. Perfect for those on a tight budget this Valentine’s Day. Despite the cold weather outside, this will make them feel warm and cosy, and looked after. And chocolate before bed…oh my! 😉

Valentine's hot chocolate

Send chocolates to work

What a thoughtful gesture! Sending a delicious box of chocolates to someone’s workplace is so romantic, it shows that you’re thinking of them even when you’re not with them. And their colleagues will be green with envy, at least until the box gets offered around.

Valentine's heart

Chocolate for a year

Quite an undertaking but treating your loved one to a box of chocolates every month for a year shows how much you appreciate them, and that romance isn’t limited to just one day of the year.

Valentine's box of chocolates

I hope this feast of romantic gestures has given you some food for thought and, whatever your budget, has inspired you to make sure the love of your life feels special this Valentine’s Day.

I’d also like to send huge amounts of love to everyone who has supported Chocolate Collective over the last six years. I’m so proud to have introduced so many of you to the wonderful world of chocolate making. It’s been such fun, and I simply can’t wait to see what the next six years bring! If you fancy joining our world of chocolate, check out our website for workshops and chocolatey musings.