All the ingredients to create a Christmas Party to remember in 2020

With lots of news outlets reporting that Christmas will need to be cancelled this year, thanks to social distancing restrictions, we have just one thing to say…bah humbug! Christmas doesn’t need to be cancelled with the Chocolate Collective. In fact, we need some Christmas cheer more than ever this year. We just have to do it in a safe way!

The office Christmas party has always been one of the social highlights of everyone’s year. It’s a chance to kick back and socialise with colleagues, switch off after a stressful year and look forward to the coming festive break, as well as get a pat on the back from your boss for a job well done.

Here are my tips for planning a memorable Christmas Party that is fun and that complies with Covid 19 restrictions.

*With the inevitable caveat that social restrictions may change, and the information below takes into account current social restrictions.

Covid friendly Christmas party

1. Location, Location, Location…

Although crowded bars, nightclubs and other traditional Christmas Party venues are out this year, there are lots of great alternatives out there. Try looking for venues that have outdoor, heated terraces or restaurants with private dining spaces. You could even host your party at the office! With the right attention to detail, the board room could become a winter wonderland, or a communal garden could become a magical space. My Chocolate Workshops are super flexible and can be delivered at any location!

2. Understand your Audience

Be aware that people are in different head spaces when it comes to coronavirus - some will feel quite relaxed, others will be very nervous. Aside of the obvious measures, take time to communicate how you intend to keep people safe. Everyone who attends a my workshops are given details of the different ways I have adapted to keep them safe while making sure they still have lots of fun. It’s important to think about transport to and from your Christmas party venue as well, as many people are still unsure about using public transport, so make sure there is plenty of parking available.

3. The Magic Number

As I write this blog, the ‘rule of six’ is now in force, which limits social gatherings to no more than six people. This has been very confusing for a lot of people, but it doesn’t mean you have to cancel your office party. Businesses, events companies and venues have different guidelines that are not limited to the ‘rule of six’.

However, you may want to think small when it comes to organising this year’s party. A great way to do this and make it manageable is to give managers the resources to plan smaller celebrations for their teams.

You could also have a company-wide competition running simultaneously – perhaps a prize for the team who come up with the most unique Christmas party idea (Chocolate Workshop anyone?), or the team with the best collection of Christmas jumpers. Find a way to connect the whole company without everyone being in the same room.

4. Let Me Entertain You

Entertainment just got a whole lot more complicated with coronavirus! Buffets are out. Conga lines are out. And office Laser Quest is still a long way off.

Try to think of activities that can be enjoyed as a group but completed as an individual with social distancing from other colleagues. For example, I ensure my workstations are situated 2m apart and guests don’t share equipment.

Activities also need to be inclusive. Not everyone will want to drink alcohol for example – whether that’s for personal or religious reasons, or because they will want to avoid public transport and use their own car.

Thankfully, our universal love of chocolate means my workshops appeal to almost everyone (who doesn’t love chocolate really??!!) and I can cater for the majority of food intolerances.

Think about what time your party will take place. Lack of childcare due to shielding or other reasons relating to coronavirus may still be an issue. Try to make sure this is a Christmas party that everyone can attend if they wish.

5. Express Gratitude and Boost Productivity

It’s been a tough year. We’ve all been affected by the pandemic in one way or another; we’ve all had to make sacrifices and we continue to do so. This is why it’s more important than ever to show your employees just how much you appreciate them.

Unsurprisingly with market uncertainty, job losses and social restrictions, employees’ mental health has been suffering over the last few months. So, let’s get positive! Organising a fun activity to boost employee morale and show your staff how grateful you are for the sacrifices they have made in order to continue working during these difficult times is a step in the right direction. There are benefits for the company too! A happy workforce is more productive, has better working relationships with colleagues and has fewer stress related absences.

covid friendly christmas party2

If you’ve been tasked with organising the Christmas party this year, stop scratching your head for an idea that’s fun, complies with social restrictions and shows staff how much they mean to the company. We’ve got all the ingredients you need to create a memorable office Christmas party in 2020. Find out more about our Chocolate Collective Corporate Workshop.

We’re booking up fast, get in touch to secure your spot and revive the festive spirit in your office this year.