What Your Choice of Christmas Chocolate Says About You

Having run chocolate workshops across Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds since 2013, introducing hundreds of people to the magical world of chocolate making, you learn a thing or two about people’s personalities…and how that correlates to their chocolate choices.

So, for a bit of festive fun, and to lighten the spirit of this grinch of a year, I’m taking a tongue in cheek look at what your festive chocolate choices says about you…

Festive Christmas chocolates

1. Roses

You’re a traditionalist! And something of a people pleaser too. With a tub of these sweet treats, which are coated in the nation’s favourite chocolate (Cadbury of course!) there’s going to be something for all the family.

2. Toblerone

According to a study by Alan Hirsch, the Founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, people who like nutty chocolate are old fashioned and have a tendency to put others down…ouch! Probably because nobody wants a bit of your old-fashioned Toblerone.

3. Ferrero Rocher

‘Monsieur, with these Rocher you're really spoiling us.’ This iconic tagline and accompanying advert, set at an ambassador’s party, soon marked these nutty filled chocolate treats as the sophisticated chocolate of choice. Some may say you’re a touch pretentious…we say you know good chocolate when you taste it.

4. Black Magic

You’re a late sleeper who has a penchant for leaving things to the last minute. After all, Black Magic is the only box of chocolates left on the shelf of the all-night convenience store or garage during the festive season.

5. Hotel Chocolat – The Christmas Luxe

You’re a chocolate connoisseur with a taste for luxury and indulgence. You’re also over the age of 18 as this selection includes an alcoholic tipple or two in the Mulled Wine and Champagne chocs. Aesthetic is equally important to you, from your festive jumper to your festive chocolates – everything needs to look classically Christmassy.

6. Homemade Chocolate Truffles

If you’ve gone to the trouble of making homemade chocolate truffles for you and your loved one’s this Christmas, how can you be anything other than thoughtful?! Knowing you, you’ve probably created multiple flavours, so your nearest and dearest can enjoy their particular favourite. I’d also hazard a guess that you’re crafty and good with your hands, preferring to take on a creative challenge rather than heading to the shops. You may have even learnt this trusty skill from a Chocolate Collective workshop – in which case you’ll be calling yourself a ‘chocolatier’.

7. After Eight

You’re mysterious, dark, and perhaps stuck in a time warp that dates back to the 80’s? These retro, after dinner, mint chocolate covered sugar confections used to be the height of chic, and a luxurious treat following a rich and decadent meal.

I hope these chocolate insights gave you a festive giggle! If you’re looking to fill 2021 with a little more laughter, fun and chocolate than you experienced in 2020, why not book one of my Deluxe Chocolate Workshops or buy a gift voucher? It’ll be the sweetest way to start a New Year.