Children's Chocolate Making Party in Timperley, Cheshire is a great hit!

Birthday girl Rachel from Timperly in Cheshire decided she wanted to do something different for her birthday this year.  She chose a chocolate making party because it was something she hadn't done before and she liked the photos on our web site.  She had 10 friends attend her party and each friend was from a different aspects of her life (not all from school).  When the chocolate appeared it wasn't long before all the girls where chatting and laughing together and having great fun. Here's what Rachel's mum Jayne had to say after the party:

Hi Louise

Just wanted to say thanks again for providing such a fab party for Rachel. She and all her friends thoroughly enjoyed it and you were a calming influence for everyone involved (including me ! ) All the parents were amazed at the creations the girls were able to take home. I am really glad we chose such an ideal activity for Rachel's party and I am sure she will always remember it.

Jayne, mum of Rachel aged 12

For a chocolate making party for your child to remember send us an enquiry so that we can tailor an event to suit your needs.