Children's Chocolate Workshop at Loreto Preparatory School

Loreto Preparatory School is an independent Catholic primary school for girls aged 3 to 11 years.  The school is based in Altrincham, Cheshire in the most beautiful surroundings and right next door to the Loreto Grammar School for secondary education.  As part of their studies the year 6 girls had been involved in learning about chocolate including topics such as the history of chocolate, the production process from bean to bar through to designing their own brand of chocolate and how they would take this to market.  The course work which the girls had produced was outstanding and Miss Carruthers, their year 6 teacher, thought it would be a good ending of their studies to get involved in making chocolates and therefore approached me to carry out a chocolate workshop.

A Hands-on approach to learning about Chocolate is perfect for schools

The workshop lasted all morning and we started by having a short quiz to demonstrate just what the girls had learnt.  Thanks to Miss Carruthers the girls knowledge and understanding of chocolate was extensive. After the quiz it was then time to get hands on with the chocolate making.  We carried out two practical sessions which included making chocolate lollipops and using piping bags to make individual chocolates.  The girls showed particular interest in the process of tempering chocolate and took great delight in decorating and packaging their chocolates ready to take home.

What a fabulous time we all had and many thanks to all who made me feel most welcome at Loreto Preparatory School.  Here's what Miss Carruthers had to say:

What a fantastic morning! The workshop was very well organised and ran smoothly from start to finish. All the girls were completely enthused and engaged, loving the 'hands-on' approach to learning. They discovered more about where chocolate comes from and enjoyed trying out different techniques such as piping to make their own delicious chocolates. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this workshop. Thank you again for your hard work Louise.

Jo Carruthers (Year 6 teacher, Loreto Preparatory School)

Our Chocolate Workshops are the tastiest thing on the school curriculum!

The girls were very enthusiastic and demonstrated some fabulous techniques and flare when making their chocolates.  They were all very interested in learning about chocolate, very polite and demonstrated good listening skills to instructions.  Some of the girls had given up chocolate for Lent and they showed very good self control not eating any of the chocolate along the way!