Latest Manchester and Northwest Chocolate Workshop and Children's Party News

Here’s Chocolate Collectives latest news about all things chocolaty that we’ve been involved in, in and around Stockport, Manchester and the Northwest. 

Interactive Children's Chocolate Parties!

Interactive Children's Chocolate PartiesMum and Dad…sit back, relax, and let Chocolate Collective create the most delicious and choc-tastic birthday party your little one has ever had! We know that planning children’s birthday parties can be tricky, so we’ve created a fuss-free and flexible party that kids love.

The Chocolate Collective children’s parties are creative, interactive and most of all, fun! Children get the chance to get creative, learn something new, have fun and eat a LOT of chocolate. Loved by both boys and girls, our parties are perfect for children 5+. We’re a mobile service, with all of our own equipment and are happy to come to a venue of your choice, whether that’s your home, a village hall or local scout hut!

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A Guilt-Free, Chocolatey Easter

Luxury Chocolate Easter Eggs

Easter and chocolate go hand in hand, as we rip open the golden foil to reveal the nations' favourite sweet treat; but it wasn't always that way! A long, long time ago, eggs (and we're talking about the kind of eggs that have been laid rather than those of a chocolate variety!) were given as a gift to symbolise re-birth and mark the resurrection of Christ. And, as happens with children born into any era, a hen's egg quickly became a toy egg, decorated and filled with sweets.

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The sweetest way to make Mother's Day special

Chocolate Making for Mother's Day

What is it about Mum's that make them so special?

Is it that they helped us walk and talk, what about homework and the constant taxis to various activities and friend's houses? Maybe it's that she's your emotional backbone, or that she supports your dreams and ambitions. Or perhaps it's the endless advice, cuddles and cups of tea. Whatever the reason, Mum's have a special place in our hearts.

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More to Chocolate this Valentine’s Day

More to Chocolate this Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s the Milk Tray man charming a generation of women or Cadbury’s urging us to ‘Say it with chocolate’, Valentine’s Day and chocolate go hand in hand as the ultimate gesture of love…and temptation!

You can trace this back to the Victorian era when chocolates were part of courtship. Victorian etiquette books warned that single ladies should never accept chocolates ‘from gentlemen to whom they are neither related nor engaged’. Well, we may have moved on somewhat since the 1900s, but is chocolate still the fast track to falling in love?

New research suggests that there could be something in it after all.

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What to expect from a Chocolate Collective workshop

What to expect from our Chocolate Workshops

Chocolate Collective run decadent chocolate workshops to tempt the most discerning of chocolate lovers.

Lasting between 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the workshop you choose, the workshops are a fun and interactive way to learn the art of truffle making with the highest quality Belgian chocolate.

Perfect for hen parties, special occasions, team building exercises or chocolate lovers who simply want a reason to indulge, the workshops are led by chocolatier, Louise Attenborough and her team and are held in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

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